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Uniting people across the world through communication and business development!


We provide our clients an international tool for communication and business development. Accounting for modern needs of the world’s society and latest market trends, the company primarily works in two main directions: development of a global messenger and operation of region-specific marketplaces.  


We are continuously analyzing the situation and implement the most innovative development methods, which help users to communicate comfortably and develop business in various regions of the world efficiently.   

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The company’s main direction of development is creation and promotion of a global application - Gem4me messenger and ecosystem. The application is available as a free download in Google Play, AppStore, AppGallery, as well as, in a Web-version format. 


We are creating a mobile application with broad capabilities, an application which has already accumulated 30+ million of users across the whole world. 


Personal and group chats, informational chats with commenting options, video conferences, video calls, live broadcasts, automated translation and much more - a mere fraction of functionalities available to users today! 

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The second direction of the company’s work is development and promotion of marketplaces in various regions of the world. Online commerce is the latest and boldest trend of modern time. We are striving to provide our users with access to a multi-functional and modern commercial platform that offers prompt and effective interaction between buyers and sellers.  


The purpose of creating regional marketplaces is to provide an opportunity for companies of any scale, individual entrepreneurs and private entities to gain access to a new and broader audience, while for buyers to obtain the option of making secure purchases in a convenient format.  

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Waterton Investments Ltd.

Company number 11391967


Registered office address: 65 Compton Street, London, England, EC1V 0BN

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